Bacon on fire!

Greg Bacon has had a very busy week producing two top quality club events in 4 days. On Wednesday he offered up a challenging Street event at Cameron Park followed by a superb MTBO event yesterday at nearby Glendale. Of course he has had a bit of help, especially from his wife Kerry. Greg should now be able to sit back and enjoy the remainder of these two popular series as a competitor. 

The weather was kind to us and the rain held off and only caught out a few of the later starters. Margaret Peel should get an award for staying in the rain so she could salvage the competitors scores from the finish blocks, thanks Margaret! I think another first for the event was one of the locals seeing us run around the streets and on inquiring what we were up to, quickly got changed and joined us.

It was great to use the Hunter Life Education Centre carpark as it would have been very cramped parking in the street. The feedback was mainly positive for the course layout and the clues for the controls with the only one in contention being, the number of front verandah posts at 2K as two of them were around the corner of the verandah. There were some high scores for the faster competitors as there were plenty of controls to visit on the course. No competitor cleared the course although some came close.

We were punching out the finish results fairly quickly but I must apologise for some of the errors, it was mainly my adding up that was the problem, I think David Messenger will think twice about me helping on his event! Thanks to all those honest competitors that brought their scores back to us as we had counted some controls when they had not marked them. This problem was mainly due to marker ink or pens straying out of the box onto another correct answer.

Did anyone notice that the hour hand on the start clock was set on eight o’clock! It took us 30min to realise the problem and thanks to Mick Kavour for sneaking up and resetting it without anyone noticing the error.

Thanks to the people who volunteered well in advance of the event to help out. Mick Kavour for setting up, Tim Hackney for the starts, Kerry Bacon and Andrea Hackney for taking the times at the finish and David Messenger for helping me to mark the score sheets, David kept score of the errors, he made two to my twenty odd. Thanks for everyones patience!