From setter/organiser Geoff Peel

As it turned out we were lucky to have relatively good weather considering the meteorological changeability that has been evident of late. Numbers were down a little due to this event being our furtherest north but were still healthy.

Seems we had a little problem with control '1M' as a car had been parked in front of the clue. Believe it or not this was the last clue set and perhaps I didn't have the foresight (due to being tired) to consider this possibility. Both myself and Margaret (when vetting the course) had visited the site in the morning when obviously the owner of the vehicle had been out. If this situation occurs in the future, and especially if you can partially see the object in question, then NEVER go onto the private property to get the answer, just explain at the finish. I'll say again NEVER GO ONTO PRIVATE PROPERTY, as this will cause us grief with the general public. Ironically (is that the correct word?) our event winner, Steven Todkill and second placed Alex Massey, visited all controls except that one.

My thanks go to Mick Kavur for assistance with setup and Margaret Peel and Bob Gilbert for filling the finish/marking role. Also to those that helped Margaret pack up (I had to leave due to another commitment) See you all again next week at Dudley.