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Another hot one bit at least participants were rewarded with a brand spanking new map and area.

From planner, Peter Newton......

Planner’s Report: Telarah Street event

To those that turned up ready to run at 5pm, apologies, it is difficult to get away from work, fill water container and get up there and set up by 5pm. Thanks to those regulars that help set up, the first runner was away at 5:04pm. Regulars know that questions like: “so where is the start” are handed the start triangle tape and told “where-ever you set it up!” It is hard to imagine an event these days without the timing expert Mick Kavur setting all the clocks, thanks Mick! The breeze made for difficult sign hanging but how could one complain about some heat relief for runners.

As a new map I was expecting a lot more ‘feedback’ on map accuracy. The map needs a new laneway (that did not affect running) and I have been chastised for using the brown map symbol to represent a gravel road (it means major road and should have applied to the busy road next to the start). Setters usually pre-empt obvious route choice and will endeavour to make it clear whether a gap is present (notice the mapping standard that sees a white strip left either side of the dashed track). So if no track is marked, better to assume that you cannot get through. A slither of white probably just means the symbols were not pushed together as close as they should.

The clues were mostly accepted. Hint: planners usually try hard to set the centre of the circle on the answer spot. If you think the circle is in the wrong spot it is worth having a decent look at the centre of the circle, just in case!! I confess I fell afoul of setting a clue that was dependent upon approach direction. With marble dedication stones placed on the southern side of a wall, approaching from the north may see you miss them. When using large font to assist those that have difficulty reading, there is the temptation to be a bit brief in the description, you can’t have it both ways!! Well I guess some clues could have 2 lines of description.... nah better to select a new control.

The roll call of helpers on the day: thanks to my neighbours George and Sandra that ran the registration/start, relieving Carolyn Rigby for her run. I don’t know how people like Shane compete then run the finish desk (I’m usually brain dead after running). Thanks to the ‘walking wounded’ Arthur and Karen coming to the event to help out where needed. I strongly believe that course setters should be able to stand back on the day, observe and discuss things with people. That is about the only reward they receive for days dedicated to travelling to check map and find clues. So thanks to the many helpers today I was able/DID stand back and let them do what they do best, record times and process clue sheets. Thanks for carting the cold drinks Margaret, I stole one! (I did say not working was about the only reward....)

Peter Newton