SS17 - Marmong and Final Results

The series concluded with this event at the beautiful lakeside location of Marmong/Booragul. The weather was kind with a cooler run enjoyed by all participants.

Final placings can be found via the link below.

And a word from course setter Robert Preston....

This map needed a huge overhaul, so thanks to Rob (jnr) for spending most of his last visit home helping to check and redraw it. Thanks also to Geoff Todkill for putting up with my numerous questions and requests for help. The map scale is still 2.5% out, but a huge improvement on the earlier version.
My philosophy on orienteering is all about route choice. The control is the end result of navigation and with less controls there should be more route choices. I hope I have achieved this.
In a score course time management is also critical. Making it impossible for the fastest runners to get all the controls makes them think about which ones to leave out. This shows in the number of late returns.
There were a few hiccups. The lady in the house near 2E might think she owns the access but according to the council she does not. I checked. Apologies for 1G. When it was changed from 2 points to one the colour change on the map was not saved. For 3E, the people who had the date of William's wife's death were allowed the 3 points. At 1A, the sign on the footpath was ON the footpath. If you couldn't see it you were probably standing on it! At 3A some people thought there were 4 trees but 8 trunks.
Wrong route choice of the day goes to TB who went from 1L to 3D via the green.
Thanks to all those who helped: Mick Kavur, David Mssenger, Tom and Lliz Bunn, Bob Gilbert, Denis Lyons, Cheryle Todkill and the many who helped to pack up. see results page for even more stats.
Thanks also to the weather and the location!
Robert Preston