Register your team before event #1 commences!

A new team competition will be available this season for those who choose to register and take part.

To join in, all you need to do is organise a team of three competitors and register as soon as possible. It will be most advantageous to you if your team registration is submitted before the start of the first event of the season.

To register a team you will need to provide the following information:

  1. A name for your team
  2. The names of your three team members
  3. A team contact person (most likely one of the team members)
  4. Your team’s event nominations (if you prefer not to do this, you can choose to use the default event nominations for this season). A team’s event nominations are made as follows:
    • Nominate two of the 17 events in the season as team ‘wildcard’ events.
    • Nominate five unique events per team member (i.e. a team member’s five events must be different events to the wildcard events and different to those nominated by all other members of the team). In this way you nominate 15 team member events in total from the 17 in the season.

How to register:

  • Print out the team registration form found here, fill out the above details, and submit it to the club as soon as possible. (e.g. hand it in BEFORE any of your team members start their run at event #1, or scan it and email it to the club, etc.)
  • Alternatively, you can send an email containing the information described above to Peter G at the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Examples illustrating two alternative ways of how to fill out the team registration form are here and here.

How it works:

  • A competitor’s individual handicap result from registered events will be used to contribute where applicable to the team score. (If you don't yet have a handicap, you'll get one once you enter a few events. In the meantime, for this competition your results will count, but will be calculated using a handicap of zero.)
  • No new results information is recorded at each event, and other competition categories are not impacted by team results.
  • There is no requirement to enter the teams competition, but a team must register to be included.
  • Each team member can individually contribute a result for five events (those events nominated at registration). The best four of these five event results (from each of the three team members) will count towards the team score (i.e. 12 event results – four from each team member - will be added together to make the ‘best 12’ event results team score).
  • Wildcard events provide the team with an opportunity to improve the team score. For each wildcard event, the best result from all three team members is considered. If that result is better than the worst individual result from the ‘best 12’ event results, then it will replace the worst result from the best 12, effectively boosting the team score. If a team member is unable to enter their four events, then the wildcard event results will be used first towards trying to ensure the team has 12 event results contributing to their score.
  • Individual team member results will not count for events that have started or been held prior to receipt of a team registration form (though wildcard event results WILL count in this scenario). Hence the need to register now!
  • It is allowable to change a team member’s nominated events after registration/during the season, by swapping with another team member or wildcard, PROVIDED the events being swapped have not started or been held yet.
  • One restriction on team composition – if your final result in the overall competition last season put you within the top 12 places, then you aren't allowed to team up with anyone who also finished in the top 12. Other than that, teams can be composed of any three competitors who have or can attain a handicap.