A young Swedish orienteer is seeking lodgings in Newcastle and it would be great if our local orienteering community could help him out. If you can assist or would like to contact him then please contact Geoff Peel for the direct email address.

My name is Alexander Moberg, and I'm 20 years old. From late january to mid june I will do my masters paper in medicine at University of Newcastle. I'm a keen orienteer and practice aprox 10-12 h/week. I would love to continue to train and compete in orienteering during my stay in Newcastle. I also haven't decided how to live during my stay and wonder if any orienteer in Newcastle has the possibility to house a lodger?
If I get an offer from the on-campus accommodation service, I need to accept it december 11th. So it would be great to get an answer before.

Cheers, Alexander

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