Someone told me today that there was less than 100 days to Christmas.... Well then its time to launch the Xmas 5 day website! Check out the logo to the left and click and explore to your hearts content. If you wish to help out at this major carnival contact the organiser, Geoff Peel. His details are at the bottom of pretty much every page. 

That this coincides with club members travelling north to spread the word of Xmas in Queensland (or compete in Auschamps - one of the two) Good luck to them all anyway.

I have a weird request now - I want images of club shirts please. The older the better. As psrt of the history of the club I am putting together a page for the various club uniforms over time - so information about when it was worn and introduced would be appreciated. Anyone attending our club events will see a variety of shirts being worn so its time to enshrine then in a chronicle (or web page) 

Club members Sam and Kendall have had a little boy named Ben. Another orienteering dynasty takes shape and our junior ranks grow.

Merry Xmas.... too soon?