2019 Urban Foot Orienteering Series


Event Date Setter Location Notes
UFO 1 Wednesday
6th March 2019
Starts: 5pm - 6.30pm

Setter: Geoff Peel, Margaret Peel. Islington Park Park along Maitland Road Islington opposite Bevan St.
Note: A free, non-competitive mini course (1.0km) suitable for kids and first-timers will be offered.
Facilities: Playground, BBQs
UFO 2 Wednesday
13th March 2019
Starts: 5pm - 6.30pm

Planner: Adrian Plaskitt Stockton Foreshore The start is in the park on the south side of Wharf Crescent between Newcastle ST and South St.
Note: This makes it possible to get to the event via ferry!!
Facilities: Playground, toilets
 UFO 3 Wednesday
20th March 2019
Starts: 5pm - 6.30pm
Setter: Ian Dempsey Shepard's Creek Playing fields, Croudace Bay. Access the assembly area from Parklea Ave. Drive south on the road the bisects the eastenmost fields and leads to the tennis courts.
Facilities: Toilets (within 200m)
 Final Wednesday
27thth March 2019
Starts: 5pm - 6.30pm
Setter: Carolyn Matthews, Malcolm Roberts Chinaman's Hollow The assembly area is in Varity Park, Weston. Park along Fourth St.
Facilities: none.
Night Champs Wednesday
3rd April 2019
Starts: 5pm - 6.30pm




  • The series will consist of four (4) events. The first three events will be qualifying events. A competitor’s best two results from these events will be tallied to produce a qualifying score. On the basis of this score competitors will be put into grades.
  • In the final event competitors will run in their grade. Results from this event will determine the overall placing in each grade. Competitors that have not qualified are still welcome to run in the final event but they will be in the “Enter On Day” category.
  • There will be two different length courses offered at each event. The short course will be about 1.5 – 2 km in length while the long course will be about 4 - 5km in length (where possible). To qualify for the final a competitor must run at least two events on either the short course or two events on the long course.
  • The courses will be line courses (point to point) so competitors must visit the controls in the order specified by the course setter. (However you still have choice on how to approach and navigate between controls).
  • SportIdent timing is used for all UFO events, so remember to bring your SI stick. (SI stick hire will be available at all events.) SI-Air will run at all UFO events.
  • Start times for each event are from 5pm-6:30pm. Course closure is 7:10pm. Please choose a start time to ensure you will finish by this time. (The organisers still need to pick up controls after this.) Finish after 7.10pm and you risk being disqualified for failing to finish the course in time.
  • All private property and any other areas so marked on the map are out of bounds. Competitors found not observing this rule will be disqualified.
  • All competitors must report to the finish (so that search parties are not sent out!).
  • Scores for each qualifying event will be calculated as follows: 100 points to the fastest time on the course, 99 for the second fastest time on the course and so on.

Street Series & Park Series Fees:

Members $7

Non Members: $10

General Fees:

$2 SI stick hire

$7 for second map on the day

Our club is non-profit with all takings going back towards equipment, access fees and mapping.


  • Any queries should first go to the organiser for the day and then if necessary to the series organiser.
  • Enjoy it!