Current Training / Coaching Schedule:

Please see the flyer for details (Winter 2019)

General Information

Is coaching available?

The club coach has a few (very popular) training sessions throughout the year to assist people improve their navigation. At regular club events it is strongly recommended that you ask either the coach or other experienced club member for any advice both before and especially after you undertake your course. Most people are very willing to assist those wishing to improve their navigational skills.

All interested members should join the coaching group facebook page, as this will be the primary means of organising the group.  

Call for volunteers

If you would like to participate in our weekly training sessions we would very much appreciate if you could sign up to put out controls at some point during the season. The controls are very small reflectors which are very easy to carry in large numbers. Additionally, the control sites will be grouped fairly closely to make putting out controls easy and quick.

Control collecting will be done by the group of people who participate in the training, so that we can quickly get controls in and get home. This means that the only task expected of a volunteer is to put out controls. The training sessions will be planned by Steve Craig or Rob Bennett and the all controls map can be picked up along with the controls.

Meeting locations will be posted closer to the training sessions


Archived Coaching Materials

 The Coaching Page is a series of articles written several years ago. Well worth the read.