Point Scoring

Controls are allocated varying points - Green - 30 points, Yellow - 40 points, Orange - 60 points and Pink - 90 points.
You have 45 minutes to score as many points as you can.
There is a 30 points per minute (or part of) late penalty up to 5 mins late then 30 points per 30 seconds from 5-10mins late. Disqualification if more than 10 mins late.
If you find all controls in the allocated 45 minutes  - you receive 30 points for every full minute early.

Your best 10 results count for the Series Totals.


Here are the Total Point Scores after Round 5.  Click here to download these Series Results.


Series Totals Event 5 page 001

Series Totals Event 5 page 002

Series Totals Event 5 page 003

Series Totals Event 5 page 004