This year our series Sponsors CFN (Cycle Fitness Nutrition) have kindly donated some series prizes. In an attempt to share the prizes around we have created some new Categories in addition to the overall Male and Female.

Firstly a new 'Elite' Category. This category is made up primarily of people who have typically competed at a State/National level. Elite Category competitors are excluded from all other categories.

Two Rookie categories (Male and Female) for those who have never competed in any Mountain Bike Orienteering event.

For the Male, Female and Elite categories your best 4 events of the season will be counted.For the Rookie categories only your best 2 events will be counted.

We will attempt to show which categories people are eligible for in the overall Series results. If you believe you are not shown in the correct category then please let us know.


BOSS results are compiled and maintained by Andrew Haigh. If you find any errors or omissions, please let me know asap either at an event or by email. Alternatively you can pass a message at an event.

BOSS Results Summary

BOSS Series Totals

BOSS 1 - Killingworth
40 Entries Results | Routegadget

BOSS 2 - Hawkemount
46 Entries Results Routegadget

BOSS 3 - Fairley Dams
44 Entries Results | RouteGadget

BOSS 4 - Charmhaven
45 Entries Results | Routegadget | Photos

BOSS 5 - St Ives
33 Entries Results| Routegadget

BOSS 6 - Uffington
31 Entries ResultsRoutegadget