Run or walk, compete against yourself or others, or just for a family day out. The bush series caters for all in the great outdoors. (April-Nov)
Run, walk or push a pram to a 45 minute time limit. How many points can you get? (Oct-Mar)
Preparation for the Bush. Try out bush style orienteering in local parks before stepping out into the bush. Also includes a night event for the adventurous. (Feb-April)
Grab your mountain bike and ride around bush tracks in either a street style event, bush style event or a combination of the two. (Oct-Mar)



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  For those who have entered
   these Events
   (entries closed last Friday).

  Saturday 9 July 2022 &
   Sunday 10 July 2022

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The Range 3 July 22
Another Training Event where you can develop your Orienteering techniques.
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“Contours and Compass” Training

The area is on the outskirts of Newcastle and is characterised by an intricate track network, complex water features, a major powerline, and mixed runnability. Like many areas, there are some features that are more liable to change over time (e.g., tracks, car wrecks, vegetation) than others (e.g., contours, rocks, major water features). The purpose of this training event is to practise using the reliable features to help navigate around the course, even when utilising the tracks!
Easy, 2.1 km – Controls are on or close to tracks. Practise checking direction with your compass, and the shape of the land using the contours, rather than just relying on the tracks themselves.
Moderate, 3.4 km – Longer legs and harder control sites than Easy. Structure each leg carefully and make sure you have a clear attack point.
Hard Short, 3.6 km – Full difficulty and some low visibility areas. To sharpen focus on navigating by more reliable features (and compass), tracks have been removed from the map. Power pylons are also gone. A blank complete map is on the flip side, however, as a backup.
Hard Long, 5.8 km – Like Hard Short but with a map flip halfway and no blank complete map as backup. Some controls are in the greener areas in the north not visited by the other courses.
Each control is marked by a flag and an electronic (SportIdent) punching unit.

Control Descriptions:

The start for all courses is 200 m from the assembly area. Follow the blue and white streamers.

Starts are from 9.30 – 11.30 am. Course closure at 1 pm.

Head to Killingworth. In Killingworth turn north onto The Boulevarde that becomes Killingworth Rd. After about 1 km park carefully along the side of the road near the Transgrid substation. Note that there are numerous potholes on Killingworth Rd – drive slowly!

The area is frequented by motorbikes and 4WDs. Give them a wide berth!
Safety bearing is south-east to Killingworth Rd and then back to the assembly area near the substation.

Stephen Craig, 0447 166 281

Date Sunday 26th June 2022

Starts  9:30-11:30 am     Course Closure 1 pm

Map The Powerlines 1:10 000

Assembly Just North of the junction of Goulburn and Lismore Streets, Abermain. Follow a short trail from the street junction.

Directions From Freemans Drive

Continue from Freemans Drive on Leggetts Drive, turn left onto Lake Rd to Kearsley then continue straight on Allandale Rd which turns into Neath Rd. Follow Neath Rd to the end and turn right on Cessnock Rd. Turn left onto Goulburn St, Abermain and follow to the end (Lismore Street). 

From Hunter Expressway

Take the Hart Rd exit and turn South west onto Hart Rd. Continue on Gingers Lane then turn left on Frame Dr. Turn right onto Lismore St, Abermain and follow until the junction of Goulburn St.

Parking Park along the bush side of Lismore St (nose in if there is space) preferably. You can also park further along Lismore St and Goulburn St. Avoid the fenced council works area.

Courses: The start for all courses will be 100m north of the registration. The finish for all courses will be 100m North West of the assembly area/registration. No toilets available near the start.

                   Hard Long - 6.9km, 80m climb, 20 controls

                   Hard Medium - 5.2km, 70m climb, 17 controls

                   Hard Short - 3.4km, 50m climb, 13 controls

                   Moderate Long - 3.4km, 50m climb, 15 controls

                   Moderate Short - 2.6km, 40m climb, 18 controls

                   Easy - 2.2km. 25m climb, 16 controls

                   Very Easy - 2.1km, 25m climb, 15 controls

Control Descriptions are printed on the maps.  If you'd like to have an additional copy - download them here -  words or symbols

Notes (a) The area has an extensive track network. Some low areas are wet and muddy though most tracks are dry except in a few places. There are some large erosion gullies with fallen trees at the edges so take care in those areas. There is some rubbish on the map which includes rusty corrugated iron, household appliances and car wrecks. The old rubbish tip is marked as Out Of Bounds and marked on the map with pink hatched lines - do not enter or cross this area (only Long Moderate and Hard courses go near this area). Very Easy and Easy Courses follow a dry watercourse for a short way.

(b) TRAIL BIKES and 4WD’s use the area. KEEP OUT OF THEIR WAY.

(c)  The area does contain SPIKEY VEGETATION. Hard courses (mostly Hard Medium and Long) may wish to have full body cover (long pants and long sleeves).

(d) 1. Brown triangle represents small termite mounds.  Meat- ant nests are NOT SHOWN.

  1. Prominent tree-root mounds are shown with a green X.  There may be new unmapped tree root mounds due to a strong recent wind storm knocking over several large trees.
  2. Streamer trails are shown on relevant maps with pink/ purple dashes.

(e) At least 5 helpers are needed to collect controls at every event.

Date: Sunday 19 June 2022

Starts: 9:30 - 11:30 am Course Close 1:00 pm

Map: Blue Gum Hills (central section) 1:7500 5m contours

Format: This will be a mixed format event with the emphasis on gaining knowledge from
more proficient orienteers by optionally having a “coach” accompany you on
course. They can either demonstrate the basics from map orientation and
interpretation through to route planning or alternately assist with any navigational
weak point you may have. This is aimed at both the newer orienteer and those that
may have been orienteering for some time but are still having some difficulties.
Additionally, the course planner will be available prior to your “run” to discuss your
course selection, proposed route and the terrain you will encounter and also again
post “run” to go over your course. Please contact the organiser to pre-register
your interest in either having or being a “coach” for this event.

Directions: Travel to Blue Gum Hills Regional Park Minmi. Pass through the main entrance.
Continue to the roundabout beyond the carpark where you will be directed through
a gate. From this point it is 800m to the assembly on a good gravel road, but it does
have drainage humps that may be difficult for low or long wheel based vehicles to
cross. Alternately park at the carpark and walk via the Heritage Trail or cycle in.


Very Easy Select this basic orienteering course which follows
tracks (or taped routes) if you are a novice or younger junior.
 1.4 km  9 controls



Slightly harder than Very Easy - great for adult novices. 1.3 km 8 controls



Select this if you are wanting to step up from
Easy to Moderate courses or confident adult novice.
Begins Very Easy and progresses to Moderate navigation
on last few controls.
1.7 km 8 controls


Score Course

Choose your own adventure by visiting as many
controls as you want in any order. Mostly Moderate level
navigation with a few harder point features.
3.2 km (est) 16 controls

Punching SI Units will be set to beacon mode but will not be turned on until the first person
inserts their SI stick.

Controls/flags will be a mixture of stands and hanging type.

Notes: Some minor tracks in the western part of the map are now less defined and marked
with blue/white tapes. Optional crossing points are indicated by blue/white tapes.

Safety: Full leggings are advised. Rolling under fences is the safest method of crossing.
Known mining subsidence is marked on map with pink dots but unmarked in field.

Cost: $6 with free entry to first timers.

Entries: Pre-entry preferred but there will be enter on day available. Click here

First-timers how to register & enter for free Click here

Water: Please supply all your own needs including on-course hydration.

Facilities: There are toilets, BBQs and a maze in the main park on the way in/out.

Contact: Geoff Peel 0422 471 353 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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  NOY4 - Powerlines at Abermain          bush                     
                       Sunday 26 June 2022


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2022 06 05 HRH Training Overview page 001


Newcastle Orienteering Club “Come & Try It” / Training Event
Date: Sunday 22 May 2022

Location: Awaba State Forest (near Freeman’s Waterhole)
Map “Jigadee Jog” 5m contour interval
1: 7 500 (Very Easy, Progressive & Moderate Courses),
1:10 000 (Moderate /Hard Courses).

Directions: From the NORTH: From the roundabout at Freemans Waterhole (intersection of Freemans Drive &
Palmers Rd) travel south on Freemans Drive for 2.8km. Turn right near the top of the hill into
Becks Road and drive 500m to the parking.
From the SOUTH: Exit the M1 motorway at the Freemans Drive/B82 exit and turn left towards
Kurri Kurri/Cessnock. After 500m turn left into Becks Road and drive 500m to the parking.


Parking: Along the cleared area on the western side of the road, 70m past the assembly area (may not suit
low clearance vehicles) and along the power line ride which heads south from the bend in the
road, 150m past the assembly area.

Assembly: From the parking walk along cleared area on the western side of the road back to the assembly
area, just off Becks Road. Take care if crossing the road.

Start/Finish: The Start is up the hill 100m north of the Assembly. The Finish is adjacent to the Assembly area.

Start window 9:30am to 11:30am.

Course closure: 1:00pm (ensure you start in time to finish by course closure time).

Special Symbols T = tree root mound (non-standard symbol) O = man made feature X = car wreck

Entries: Pre-entry via Eventor preferred but there will be some Enter on Day available.
If you are having trouble entering please contact us using the details below.

All other entries $6. Extra maps $5
Note: an entry can be a small group but includes only one map.

Very Easy - 1.4km - Follows tracks, powerlines and a streamer trail through the bush. For
youngsters or as an introduction to the basics of orienteering for those with zero navigation or
bush experience.
Progressive (Very Easy/Easy/Moderate) - 2.5km - The first part of the course has Very Easy level
controls along tracks, powerlines and a streamer trail through the bush progressing to Easy level
controls near to tracks/fences. The later part of the course includes some basic cross country
navigation with some Moderate level controls. Recommended for first-timers.
Moderate - 2.5km - Requires basic cross country navigation. Mostly on the easier side of
Moderate level. A step up for those already confident on Easy level courses or those new to
orienteering but with some experience at map reading and off-track navigating.
Moderate/Hard Short - 3.4km - Mostly Moderate level. Some harder legs, mostly near the end.
Moderate/Hard Long - 5.1km - Earlier controls are mostly Moderate with harder controls in the
second half.**
( ** For the keen faster orienteers wanting to race there will be the option of a “reverse chasing”
handicap start on the Moderate/Hard Long with the slowest runners starting around 10:00am.
Handicaps will be determined by the organiser. Email the organiser (subject “Jigadee”) if you want
to take part.
Entry will be at the organiser’s discretion (you will be expected to be able to run the
5.1km course in under 60mins).)

Control descriptions will be printed on the map and will also be available to print from Eventor.

Water: No water will be provided on the courses or at the assembly area. Please bring your own and
consider carrying water on the course.

Safety: The safety bearing is SOUTHEAST to the sealed roads (Beck Rd or Freemans Drive). Or if on a
Moderate/Hard course and have crossed Becks Rd then NORTH to Becks Road.

Results: Live results should be available at http://sportident.itsdamp.com (click on Live Results) and later
on Eventor.

Planner: Glenn Burgess.
Enquiries: Geoff Peel 0422 471 353 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Help with collecting controls following the event closure will be needed and very much appreciated.


Date Sunday 29th May Starts  9:30-11:30 am     Course Closure 1 pm

Map Mining Mystery 1:7 500

Assembly Hebburn St, Pelaw Main. Assembly will near the railway station on the left after passing through the gate.

Directions From John Renshaw Drive

Turn left onto Railway St Kurri Kurri at the roundabout after passing McDonalds then after 350m turn left onto Stanford St. After 500m turn right onto Hebburn St and proceed for 500m through the gate. Parking and assembly will be on the left.

From Leggetts Drive

Turn left onto Hebburn St Pelaw Main and proceed for 500m through the gate. Parking and assembly will be on the left.

Courses: The start for all courses will be 150m W. of the registration. The Hard Long course will have a streamer trail leading away from the start.     

                   Hard Long - 7.2km, 100m climb, 20c

                   Hard Medium - 5.3km, 70m climb, 14c

                   Hard Short - 3.3km, 50m climb, 10c

                   Moderate Long - 3.1km, 40m climb, 12c

                   Moderate Short - 2.1km, 20m climb, 10c

                   Easy - 1.8km. 20m climb, 13c

                   Very Easy - 1.6km, 10m climb, 11c

Control Descriptions are printed on the maps.  If you'd like to have an additional copy - download them here -  words or symbols

Notes (a) The area has an extensive track network. Low areas are very wet and muddy. There has been vegetation regrowth over most of the map with some heavily vegetated areas.

(b) TRAIL BIKES and 4WD’s use the area. KEEP OUT OF THEIR WAY.

(c)  The area does contain SPIKEY VEGETATION.

(d) 1. Brown triangle represents small termite mounds.

  1. Prominent tree-root mounds are shown with a green X. Meat- ant nests are NOT SHOWN.
  2. Streamer trails are shown on relevant maps with pink/ purple dashes.

(e) At least 5 helpers are needed to collect controls at every event.


There will be toilet facilities available.
There are large pieces of machinery around the assembly area.  Please keep clear and keep children from climbing on them.
There is an area of mine subsidence marked with red and white tape in the field. Please avoid this area.


Information flyer PAIRS1



    44th Orienteering Championships

      The Range (near Killingworth)

            Tuesday, 9 Aug 2022


            For more information - Click here


2022 Hunter Schools Orienteering Information Rev A page 001

2022 Hunter Schools Orienteering Information Rev A page 002

2022 Hunter Schools Orienteering Information Rev A page 003



2022 Newcastle Orienteering of the Year - Event 2 - O’Donnelltown

 Date Sunday 1st May Starts  9:30-11:30 am 

 Map Fairley Dams 1:10 000

 Assembly O'Donnelltown Rd, 300m past the overpass over the M1 Motorway. Parking on both sides of O'Donnelltown Rd.

 Directions From the M1 Motorway Northbound

Take the George Booth Drive exit and turn right. At the next roundabout, turn right onto Carrington St and proceed through West Wallsend onto Railway St. Turn right onto O'Donnelltown Rd and proceed for 1km to the Overpass over the M1. The assembly area and parking are a further 300m ahead to the left.

From the M1 Motorway Southbound

Take the Newcastle exit onto Newcastle Link Rd. Turn right at the lights onto Cameron Park Drive and proceed 2km to the roundabout at George Booth Drive. Continue straight ahead onto Carrington St and proceed as above.

 Courses     Hard Long - 6.9km, 220m climb, 21c

                   Hard Medium - 5.2km, 160m climb, 19c

                   Hard Short - 3.8km, 120m climb, 12c

                   Moderate Long - 3.6km, 75m climb, 11c

                   Moderate Short - 2.6km, 60m climb, 8c

                   Easy - 2.2km. 60m climb, 9c

                   Very Easy - 1.8km, 40m climb, 10c

Control Descriptions are printed on the maps.  If you'd like to have an additional copy - download them here - WORDS or SYMBOLS.

 Notes Generally Open runnable forest with some denser vegetation around the main creek system adjacent to the assembly. Terrain is undulating with steeper sections including some cliff lines and rock detail for the Hard Courses on the side of one of the major spurs off Sugarloaf Range. There has been substantial regrowth of vegetation on the upper slopes of the map which limits visibility in some areas. The area is very wet and muddy generally from the extended periods of rain in the last few months. Full body cover recommended and be sure to check for leeches!

Uncertain about whether this course snippet is at the easy, very easy, moderate or hard standard?


 Go to the Resources page and follow the link from Event Specific Documents: Bush Series

  2022 Newcastle Orienteer of the Year (NOY) Series Standings - click here

  2022 Calendar - click here





           Bush Series 2022 Calendar.

 Date  Event  Location  Information   Results     
20/03/2022 SL2  Honeyeater Hideout Click here Eventor    
03/04/2022  NOY1  Hebburn Road Click here Eventor    
01/05/2022  NOY2  Fairley Dams Click here Eventor    
 08/05/2022  Pairs  Jesmond Park Click here Eventor    
22/05/2022 Minor  Jigadee Click here Eventor    
29/05/2022  NOY3  Mining Mystery Click here Eventor    
05/06/2022 Training  Heart Rate Hills Click here      
19/06/2022 Training  Blue Gums Hills Click here Eventor    
26/06/2022  NOY4   Abermain Click here Eventor    
03/07/2022 Training The Range - West Wallsend  Click here Eventor    
17/07/2022  NOY5  Redgum Ridges Click here Eventor    
24/07/2022 Training  Wallaroo Click here      
31/07/2022 Training  Jesmond Click here      
07/08/2022 NOY6  Stockrington West Click here Eventor    
09/08/2022  Hunter Schools   The Range Click here Eventor    
28/08/2022 NOY7  Sugarloaf North Click here Eventor    
18/09/2022 NOY8/HVC  Stockrington West Click here Eventor    

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Sunday  April 3 (2022)          9:30am to 11:30am      Course Closure  1PM

Map:        “HEBBURN ROAD”    1: 10 000   5M contours

Planning. Denis Lyons.     Vetting. Bob and Pam Montgomery.

The area is of Werakata NP. Which straddles the flatter (Southern) end of Hebburn Rd. There are no large hills, but a number of areas of thick ti-trees will add to your route choices.

DIRECTIONS: From the junction of Leggetts Drive and Lake Rd. travel on Lake Rd. for 4.8KM to turn right onto Hebburn Rd. (GRAVEL road –SPEED HUMP and CAMERA). 

                            From Kearsley, follow Lake Rd. (to the east) for 3KM to turn left onto Hebburn Rd.

                             The registration area will be (Approx) 730m from the turn off.

Parking: DO NOT PARK IN THE FIRST 720M FROM THE TURN OFF. “Runners will be crossing.”

                                                                                                                               TAKE CARE!                                         

                    Most parking can be found in mowed areas on the eastern side of the road, immediately north of the assembly point. Mostly park at right-angles to the road. Some spots may need angle or parallel parking. Further on, use the western side of the road. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE ROOM FOR TWO-WAY TRAFFIC. Don’t block trail bike tracks. (A number of vehicles access the old mine site on some Sundays. Also a large refrigerated van may need access.)

COURSES: Courses will be mostly on the western side of Hebburn Rd. The three HARD courses will cross to the eastern side of the road, and have a separate FINISH on the eastern side, near the registration area. The Finish for the HARD courses will be marked with an Orienteering flag rather than a Finish banner.

The start for all courses will be 70m NW. of the registration. Follow signs.

The start triangle will be at a bend in one of the trail bike tracks. IF YOU HEAR BIKES IN THE AREA, IT MAYBE WISE TO DELAY YOUR START UNTIL THEY HAVE MOVED AWAY.

Course                                length     climb                             

VERY EASY.                  1.8 KM      35m Follows tracks and streamer trails.

EASY.                            2.1 KM       40m Controls near tracks or streamer trails. You need to be able to recognise, and possibly follow, a watercourse.

MODERATE SHORT.   2.1 KM       40m        Moderate cross-country navigation

MODERATE LONG.     3.0 KM        50m                            “

HARD SHORT.              3.5 KM       50m                                Difficult navigation

HARD MEDIUM.          5.2 KM       70m                                            “

HARD LONG.                7.1 KM       95m                                            “


(a) The start TRIANGLE will be at a track bend, approximately 20m in front of the START UNIT.

(b) TRAIL BIKES and 4WD’s use the area. KEEP OUT OF THEIR WAY.

(c)  The area does contain SPIKEY VEGETATION.

(d) 1. Brown triangle represents small termite mounds.

     2. Prominent tree-root mounds are shown with a green X. Meat- ant nests are NOT SHOWN.

     3. Streamer trails are shown on all maps with pink/ purple dashes.

(e) At least 5 helpers are needed to collect controls at every event.

Bush Event Entry Fees:

    Adults   Juniors   Family
  Members   $14   $10   $38
  Non Members   $17   $12  
First Timers $14 Inc Stick Hire  

*Family - Two Adults and two children (or more children)

Second map $5

SportIdent stick hire $2

Your Event Entry Fee Destination 2