Coaching Page Issues
Issue 1 Map terrain skills
Issue 2 Blue and Green skills and orienting a map
Issue 3 Orange and Red skills and thumbing a map
Issue 4 Contouring, Attack Points and Route Choice
Issue 5 Aiming off and Leg Analysis
Issue 6 Relocation and Catching Features
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 9 Control Descriptions and Route Choice
Issue 10 Control Descriptions
Issue 11
Issue 12 Traffic Light Orienteering
Issue 13 Route Choice and Techniques revisited
Issue 14
Issue 15 Techniques revisited
Issue 16 Picturing the control site
Issue 17 Route Choice
Issue 18 Hints on Approaching Controls
Issue 19 Race Procedure
Issue 20 Errors
Issue 21 Route Choice
Issue 22
Issue 23 Rough and Fine Orienteering
Issue 24 Consistency
Issue 25
Issue 26
Issue 27 Skills for Orange and Red and Basics Revisited
Issue 28 Route Choice
Issue 29 Control Descriptions Part 1
Issue 30 Control Descriptions Part 2
Issue 31 Reading Control Desciptions
Issue 32 Preparation and Skills for Red
Issue 33 Orienteering Basics
Issue 34 Route Choice
Issue 35  
Issue 36 Preparation
Issue 37  
Issue 38  
Issue 39 Basics Part 1
Issue 40 Basics Part 2
Issue 41  
Issue 42 Compass technique and contours
Issue 43 Intermediate techniques Part 1
Issue 44  
Issue 45 Intermediate techniques Part 2


Note: Please be aware the nomenclature used for courses has changed over time see below for a list

pre Jan. 2012post Jan. 2012 
Blue Very Easy
Green Easy
Short Orange Short Moderate
Long Orange Long Moderate
Short Red Short Hard
Medium Red Medium Hard
Long Red Long Hard