Summer Street Series Event 2

Event: SSS Event 2
Location: Charlestown/Kahibah
Map: Kahibah (Street)
Planner/Organiser: Steven Todkill
Weather: Warm with a strong cooling breeze
Entrants: 107
Rego/Start: Cheryle Todkill
Finish: Steven Todkill, Geoff Todkill, Others?

Second event in and an introduction to those brown squiggly lines - contours. The Charlestown hills were a lot less friendly the flatish locale experienced last week and Steven's course was also quite a lot more extensive. This proved a problem for many competitors with 57% of them returning late and incurring some steep penalties. Obviously they over extended and couldn't make the return trip as quickly as they had planned.

Some bushland tracks added to the variety but as usual caused some headaches navigationally. Personally I avoided the bush tracks as I know generally they are going to be more difficult to navigate and also as a rule take a lot longer for a similar distance compared to street running due to lots of little (unmapped) twists and undulations and even poor footing.

It's good to see many people utilising the routegadget maps, it's great to "see" the many route choices taken by different competitors. If you haven't been there have a look and mark up your course (you don't need a gps watch to do so). Thanks to Russell Rigby for uploading the maps and organising this great rescource for us.

Thanks to Steven and all his helpers for a great afternoon.