Event: SSS Event 5
Location: Warners Bay
Map: Lakelands (Street)
Planner/Organiser: Bob Gilbert
Weather: Sunny, moderate/warm temperature
Entrants: 106
Rego/Start: Margaret Peel
Finish: Denis Lyons, Bob Gilbert, Karen Blatchford.

For many of us this weeks course was really all about two halves and how to best takle them. The flat older Warners Bay section and the more recent, much hillier, Lakelands development. The flater running was offset by longer distances between controls, but while the hilly section seemed to have an abundance of closer set points it was misleading in so far as there was quite a maze to get to them thus presenting ample opportunity for navigational mistakes.

Competitor numbers were strong with ten first timers joining in the fun. Tony Hayes did reach the massive milestone of 70 consecutive street events, what a mammoth achievement, so congats to Tony.

A few competitors were feeling the effects of the 6 hr Suburban Safari held on Sunday and had good reason to be off their game with Karen and Margaret still so sore they volunteered to help on the desks rather than actually compete.

Obviously Stu Adams and Kim van Netten are very tough competitors. They teamed up to take out the 6-hour event on Sunday and then backed up to win again last night in the men's and womens respectivley.

Many thanks to course setter Bob Gilbert (who really should be spending his time packing for his upcoming OS trip) and his helpers on the day.

Don't forget there's a Park/Street event and the club presentations at Wallsend this Friday evening. If you haven't informed Carolyn Rigby that you want to run then you'd better phone her and hope she has enough maps. Of course all are welcome to come to the presentations as it isn't pre-entry so see you there.