Event: SSS6
Location: Cardiff South
Weather: Fine, warm with a cooling breeze
Setting: David Messenger
Entries: 88

Notes from the scorer’s desk after event 6 …

Stu Adams asserted his authority to grab his second outright win for the series to date, and be just 3 points behind Steve Todkill who holds on to his series lead.
Carolyn Matthews delivered an outstanding result coming in 13th overall and defeating some of her regular rivals to win the women’s category. Joanna Latter also made her presence known with a close second.
Karen B relinquished her spot near the top of the attendance stakes, finally missing an event after attending the previous 45!
David Messenger retains his lead in the most consistent performer competition despite not posting a result due to event admin duties. Andrew Haigh took the opportunity to close the gap.
Arthur, Glenn B, & Kim are still holding the top three spots for the ‘best’ average time under 45 minutes for the series, though Arthur & Kim are on their last chance to remain in this comp.
Luke Robertson has stepped up to replace Peter Charlton at the head of the new handicap rankings comp. This comp is all about your best 6 ranking results, so expect some big changes on the results board here as the serious players start dropping their worst results from now.
Andrew Morris continues to dominate the rookies this series, however, newcomer Nathan Archer has beaten Andrew in this, Nathan’s first event. Could Nathan be a danger to Andrew as the series unfolds?

88 entries comprised of 101 individuals

and from the setter....

Special thanks to the competitors who managed to fit in a run, and also assist, including :
- Greg and Kerry Bacon for manning the start desk
- Carolyn Rigby and Pam Montgomery for recording finish times
- Mick Kavur for helping in scoring Sheets
and thanks for my partner Kathleen Hawkins coming by after work to understand the hectic pace of the Finish Table and what my recent Orienteering time commitments have been leading up to.

BTW this was David's first experience at setting any sort of orienteering course, something he took on with great enthusiasm. His organisation was supurb and his course was suitable challenging offering a route choice puzzle. You can read some of David's thoughts regarding his planning in the comments section and via the "Setters Aim" link below. He has also supplied some alternate route choice suggestions and photos of all the answers. Thanks David for this insight.

Setter Aims