Event: SSS10
Location: Valentine
Weather: Hot
Organisation: Colin Bailey
Entries: 73

73 competitors ran or avoided the hills around Valentine, in the last run before Christmas ( and for some, the last competitive run before the Christmas 5-day. For a few the training effects were reduced by the post-race meal of fish and chips from the take-away shop across the road.

Best performed "newcomer" was Andrew McLeod in 3rd place, one point behind Stu and Alex. Andrew has been in England, Ireland and Europe for about 6 years, but has prepared for this return performance by checking out the maps on the web whenever possible. He had hoped to be back for last week's event at the Racecourse, but an engine failure during takeoff at Bangkok delayed him by a day - best excuse for this year.

The results are provisional - Peter will compile all of the statistics and handicap results when he returns after Christmas.

Course setter Colin Bailey gave us an interesting challenge with many of us deciding just how far into the hills we would travel. Thanks also to Graham Fowler, his assistant on the day.

See you all next year and good luck to all those travelling down to the Christmas 5-day event.