SS16 - Merewether

Yesterday's Merewether event was the penultimate event in this years street series. A friendlier tempersture than the last few weeks and a relatively handy location assisted the entries reaching their highest level for the season.

Here are some words from our planner, Alex Massey.......

I was surprised to arrive at the start location at 4:10pm to find that Mick and Dave were already there and waiting! Now thats dedication! Thanks to everybody for their positive feedback, i enjoyed setting this course and i'm glad that many enjoyed running it. Apologies about the clue at 1U, to me that fence seems a vivid shade of purple but most saw it as faded black. I guess i learnt a thing or two about how different people see colours differently. Other than that most people seemed to find the clues satisfactory, although a fair few people got 1D wrong as well, where there are 2 seats at the boat ramp, not 1. I was pretty lenient to wrong answers and gave most, although there were some that i didn't give that were most obviously wrong.

A great turnout of 113 entries kept us busy all of the afternoon and a big thanks goes out to my helpers, especially my Stepdad who manned the start desk, and my helpers on the finish desk which made my job a lot easier, as i was able to mark quicker than i could take and calculate times.

Steve Todkill took out the win by a point over Stu Adams, which cements an unbeatable lead for Steve going into the last event. Kim van Netten took out the win in the Womens, bringing up a perfect score of 1000 points and further cementing an overall win in the Womens category.

I hope everyone enjoyed the course, location and more importantly the cooler weather! Finally i'd like as many people as possible to put their route on Routegadget, as i'm interested to see how people linked up their points.

Vetting: Damian Welbourne
Setting up: Mick Kavur, Dave Messenger, Martyn Boyd
Start: Martyn Boyd
Finish: Carolyn Rigby, Mick Kavur, Arthur Kingsland