Directions: From Awaba, travel west on Ryhope Road. 400m past Shonnala St (on left), turn left into the parking area east of the Awaba Motocross Track.

From M1 Motorway, take the Toronto exit and turn east towards Toronto. After approximately 1.5km, carefully turn right into the parking area east of the Awaba Motocross Track.

Park in the south eastern end of the car park area (turn left after turning off Ryhope Road) and avoid the road leading into the Motorbike Race Track please.

After parking, safely cross the 80km/hr road to the assembly area on the northern side of the road. There will unfortunately now be an event on at the Awaba Motocross Track so there will be more traffic going in and out of the same parking area entrance that we are using.

Map: Ryhope North-South (Palmers Creek), 1:10,000 5 metre contours. Some revisions by Denis Lyons and Sam Howe August 2018.

Terrain: Some good open forest with undulating hills. Some steep sections in places. Areas of low growth shown as striped green on the map. Courses mostly avoid the greener, slower sections.

Planner: Sam Howe

Vetter: Jim Lee

Courses: SI Air can be used on all courses.

Course       Length(km) Controls 
Climb (m)
Very easy    2.2  15  60
Easy    2.4  12  75
Moderate short    2.4  14  85
Moderate long    3.3  15  115
Hard short    2.9  13  100
Hard medium    5.0  16  125
Hard long    6.5  18  160

Entry Fees

Safety: Safety bearing is south to the main road (Ryhope Road) then return to the assembly area.

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure.

Notes: The start is an easy 200m walk from the assembly area. Allow 5 minutes.

The easy and very easy courses will have a slight climb early in their course and later a streamer trail downhill. The rest is slightly undulating but mostly along good tracks. Take care and watch footing on steeper sections.

The moderate long and all harder courses have a convenient creek crossing point (large tree with rope handhold) next to one of their last controls. This is easily crossed and is the best crossing point to use along the creek. The medium and long hard might choose to cross elsewhere though the water level in the creek has been high and there is only one or two other crossing points which are difficult depending on the water level (so probably best to use the good crossing point).




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