Minor / Training event

Start times: 9:30am to 11:30am

Map: 1:10 000

Venue: Where the major transmission power lines cross Old Maitland Rd. north-east from Cessnock.

Directions: From the main road between Kurri and Cessnock turn onto Old Maitland Rd. at the western end of Cessnock East Primary School. Follow this road for 4.5km to where the power lines cross the road. The assembly area will be on the SE side of the road, along the NE side of the power lines.

Parking: Some parking is possible under the power lines on the SE side of the road. Additional parking is possible on the NW side of the road, either (a) under the major power lines or (b) further south along a minor power line

14 Apr 2019 Parking


VERY EASY (1.7km) and EASY (2.2km) will have the usual point to point courses. (Visit controls in numerical order.)

MODERATE (3.0km), HARD SHORT ( 4.0km), HARD MEDIUM (5.1km), HARD LONG (7.1km) will have SCORE type courses. (i.e. Visit as many controls as you can, in any order you choose, within 1 hour.) You gain 1 point for each control you visit, but lose 1 point for each minute (or part thereof) of lateness. Those with the same number of points will be ranked, based on time taken. The course lengths given above are using the course planner’s optimum route. The distances given on control descriptions are if controls were visited in numerical order. Note: All four of these courses will use the same map. Moderate will visit any of the controls numbered (1 to 13), Hard short (1 to 16), Hard medium (1 to 21), and Hard long (1 to 24). There will be lines on the map to help show the boundary area for each course


(a) The area includes sections of SPIKEY vegetation (usually shown as “Walk”). Suitable clothing should be worn.
(b) Pink cross-hatching over some tracks indicates that the track had been “ploughed”. Most of these tracks have been “smoothed” by continual trail bike use, in the 18 months since the ploughing.
(c) The area is frequented by trail bikes and 4WD vehicles. Be prepared to get out of their way.
(d) Hard long runners must treat the old rubbish dump area near Abermain as “ Out of Bounds”, as shown on the map.
(e) OLD STYLE SYMBOLS will be used. Tree-root mounds will be brown “T” (oriented), Check map legend on notice board.
(f) Magnetic north lines are now 300m apart.
(g) At least five helpers are needed to collect controls at each event.

Bush Event Entry Fees:

  Adults Juniors Family
Members $12 $9 $30
Casuals $15 $10  

1st timers $12 (includes SI stick hire)

Second map $5

SportIdent stick hire $2