SUNDAY 2nd June 2019 - NOY3

Fassifern Ridge


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Directions: At the traffic lights on Toronto Road, Fennell Bay head west into Macquarie Road, then in 1.2 km park on the left hand (southern) side of the road adjacent to Croft Park. The assembly area will be at Croft Park.

Map: Fassifern Ridge 1:10,000 4 metre contours. Revised Ian Dempsey August 2017 with minor revisions by Steven Roberts June 2018 and April 2019. Black crosses show car wrecks. Black circles indicate wreckage.

Terrain: Undulating to very steep and mostly open forest. There’s an extensive track network, (some tracks have altered slightly and some older ones might be less recognisable) many parallel watercourses, and rock detail on the higher slopes. The lower gullies have some patches of slow run and walk.

Planner: Steven Roberts


Start Location: Walk to the start is an easy 600m (allow 10 minutes). Please follow the streamers to the start area to ensure we avoid trespassing on an adjacent property. Follow the same streamers back from the finish. Please take extra care crossing Macquarie road on the way to the start and from the finish.


There will be some steep climbs to the main ridges. Courses have been set to enjoy areas of open runnable forest (or track options). All Hard courses do have legs that involve contouring across steep slopes. The Very Easy, Easy and Moderate courses will navigate using suburban streets early in their course. The Very Easy course does not cross a road, however the others do. Please take care.

Course       Length(km)       Climb
Very easy    2.0    96
Easy   2.3   96
Moderate short   2.5   108
Moderate long   3.5   152
Hard short   3.0   120
Hard Medium   4.5   200
Hard long   6.2   240

Entry Fees

Safety: The steeper slopes are gravelly – take care. Safety bearing is south towards the assembly area

Start times: 9:30 to 11:30am with course closure at 1pm. Please ensure you start your course with enough time to complete it prior to course closure


- Black crosses show car wrecks.

- Black circles indicate wreckage.