Street Series Flyer



Summer Street Series Presentations Special Event - Jesmond Park - Wed 14 Feb

Join us at Jesmond Park on Wed 14th February for the Street Series Presentations Special Event and BBQ.
There will be a choice of a short line course (approx. 1.5km) or choose the 45min scatter course which starts with the line course then turn the map over to see how many more points you can get in the rest of the 45min time.
BBQ will be available from approximately 6:15pm onwards and please stay for the Presentations which will be held about 7:15pm. BBQ will be a gold coin donation for a sausage and salad in bread (vegan sausages available too).
Map/Location: The Skyline (Jesmond Park and surrounds)
Setter: Samantha Howe
Start: Jesmond Park, near the BBQ shelter and playground on the eastern side of the park
Parking: The carpark off Robinson Avenue (take care as there may be runners going through the carpark), on Robinson Ave and surrounding streets.
Facilities: Playground, Toilets, Water & BBQ!
Start times: Start at a time that suits you between 5:00pm and 6:30pm
Course: 45 minute score course that starts with a short line course (8 controls - 1.5km). You can choose to just do the line course around Jesmond Park - this is a good option for parents with younger kids who want to have a go.

We will be using electronic timing. If you have your own SI stick or P Card then please bring it along, otherwise you can hire a P Card or SI Stick for just $2. P Cards and SI Sticks will also be available for sale.
Note: The total number of controls is 29 which is more info than a P Card can hold - if you only have a P Card then bring it along and we will swap it for an SI Stick for free just to use for this event.

The scatter course will have controls through the surrounding streets, parkland and some in the bush reserve area. All controls in the bush reserve are located on trails, but some on the western side of the bush reserve require slightly more difficult navigation due to a complex track network. You may wish to bring a compass to aid navigation in that area.

If anyone would like to stay back for a short while afterwards to collect a few controls then that would be much appreciated. Thanks